Top 10 Tips For Freshmen

By: Connor Davis and Kevin Truong

1. People cause stress

People cause stress and other problems. Avoid them unless you need them for something.

2. Don't do drugs

Drugs are bad. They cause bad life choices. Such as... Doing more drugs, getting in fights, getting arrested, lose of brain cells, irritating others, etc...

3. Back-packs are awesome

You can carry it around all day with the only complaint being when you put it in someones way every day of there life and never learn from your mistake. Oh and you can carry a lot of books and stuff around.

4. Be on a team

Being active helps your mood and body. Witch are important to some people. This may contradict what was said from before but most team mates are not idiots.  

5. Set-up Your 4-Year Plan Now

Knowing how your time in high school is going to go will be very useful even just having a general idea. Also cramming in as many college credits as possible is always a good thing.

6. Be on Time

Being tardy or skipping class now can have more of an impact then ever. If you miss to much of one class your grade will drop even if you have hundreds on all of your assignments.

7. Be Ready for Test

Test define your grade in most classes and being properly prepared for them is always good.

8. Focus on Your Hardest Class

Freshmen year still is many basic classes so focus on the one you have the hardest time on. The other classes should come easily although if you need to spread out your study time to different subjects.

9. Get Good...

Organization is important so you actually know where all your class papers are and so you can be ready to pull out what ever you need whenever you need it.

10. Know Your Teachers and Class

Knowing who is good at what or what people like and don't like can get you a long way in life in general so it is clearly a good thing for school.

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