Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
May 4-8th

Another wonderful week in the books! Your child has been working hard this week, especially because we have switched over to the First Grade Behavior Chart. They want to see their clipper climb the chart and reach "Super Student" which isn't an easy task, but certainly attainable. We are getting ready for the Spring Dance next Thursday and hope to have lots of fun on the dance floor! I will certainly be in attendance! Thanks for all the donations to our basket! It's going to be great!


We continue to work with different word families to help us expand our vocabulary. The students are very busy and engaged in all of the different Daily 5 rotation centers. We have been discussing story elements and retelling a story. We also are beginning to discuss some first grade reading strategies during our guided reading time. Your child's writing has definitely taken off! They love to share during our Reader's Chair portion of our writer's block. When I look at how far they have come this year, I am truly amazed and proud of all their hard work!


The kids are learning how to use a notebook and set it up for completing math problems. We have been working on CGI problems and learning how to talk about what our brains are telling us to do when we solve difficult word problems. We did some more work with 10 Frames and they did fabulous with these. We also used our caterpillar measuring ruler to measure different things in our classroom. We are also reviewing our past concepts learned this year to make sure we haven't forgotten anything!


We focused on the woodland/forest habitat this week and also did some discussion with the life cycle of a butterfly. We did some fun hands on activities with making our own caterpillars and butterflies and then used them to retell Eric Carle's story, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". We also made a metamorphosis wheel to help us remember the life cycle. On Friday, we started discussing the rainforest habitat and we will continue learning about this habitat and the plants and animals that live there next week.


May 14th Howard Spring Dance
May 15th Early Release (1:20)
May 17th Cellcom Marathon (I am running the Half this year. I hope to be standing on Monday!)

Have a fabulous weekend and Mom's Day!