Diferences between the 19th century and nowadays....

Thoughts,  believes and worries that across the time were accommodating the relation of  adults with  childrens have been changing. The habitual forms of the practices of upbringing of other times or  other contexts, today can seem to us to be shocking and cruel. However, those social practices were common in society and existed a consensus that was giving them legitimacy and permanency. For a long time, families put their children to work on their farms in order that they were collaborating with the economy of the home. Childrens didn´t have protection from governments and no human or civil rights.  The industrial revolution was an important event in early nineteenth-century that improved the world market but made things worse at the same time. It´s created a huge demand of laborers. Mens or womans weren´t enought to work in mines, factories and shops. Children were cheap,  and easy to control so the owners of  factories or mines decided to employeed them.  Government didn't established a minimum age, wage, or working hours. Children as young as five or six were forced to work thirteen to sixteen hours a day with any food . For example in a  textile factory children work from six in the morning to nine at night with no breakfast, no lunch, no dinner. Conditions in coal mines were worse.  Children in  mines were very used because of theirs small stature that could  get into very small and dark places.  They suffered  respiratory diseases for the evil air that they were breathing there, mixed with smoke and ashes.The state did not take responsibility for education. Only richs boys went to school. Girls of high society were educated by a governess, a woman that theached them to read and write. Poor children didn´t went to school, so they don´t know anything of education.Only children from better  families could have luxuries like sweets! Poor children were lucky if they got enough to eat.In the 19th century children were always dressed like little adults. Girls of good families played witch porcelain dolls and boys witch soldiers. As time goes by, games and activities of  childrens were changing. Nowadays it seems that if you want to enjoy days you must to have an electronic game like television, computer, celular, or a little sophisticated and modern entertaining like wii or playstation. Children in the past didn't even know what computers or cellphones are. Children now couldn't live without them. Food changed a lot between the 19th century and today. In the past food were healthy but now exist fast food as hamburguer and french fries. A bad supply generates obesity. The children aren´t  active and some of them are sedentary. The activities that they realize aren´t enought. Children in the past were active and healthy. Children now are inactive, unhealthy, and overweight.

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