Pollux, A Star from the Twins of the Galaxy

Pollux is a star that can be located in the Northern constellation of Gemini, the twins. It is an orange star, and as such its heat is lower than other in the galaxy. The temperature is 4,865 Kelvin, from the earth it is 33.72 light years away. The mass of this large star is 4.057E30 kg and it is larger than the sun, about twice its mass and almost nine times its radius.Its the 17th brightest star in the sky and is classified as a K0IIIb star. The K0 means that it is cooler than the sun and the lll is its luminosity class, designating it as a normal giant.

Pollux is around 31 times brighter than the sun and about 46 times more energetic. It outshines it "twin" star, Castor, the other bright star in the Gemini constellation. A large planet, at least 2.3 times the size of Jupiter has been confirmed as of 2006 to be orbiting Pollux.

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