Hello my fellow friends


Dear friends from planet Mars,                                         November 10 2014

I have landed on this planet called Earth I am not sure that it is called Earth ,but that is what I have been hearing. This planet is very strange it has this some type of  brown stuff which we call dirt that is very strange don't you think? It does not have as much as lava as us ,but it has this stuff called water.I am staying here in California and my place is nice and cozy. I now you have no idea what I am talking about but I am explaining as best as I can.

Dear Dad,                                                                       November 11 2014

Like I said Dad I have landed on this planet called Earth and there is strange stuff here on Earth. I favorite part about this planet is that you can walk on this soft brown stuff. Then there is this amazing sounds on this planets too ,and so many animals. If you came here you would of loved it.The features are so amazing.There is a big mountain that we found that shoots out lava it is really hot the sad part is that my friend got really hurt and she died.That is different from are planet because our lava is not shooting out of mountains.

Dear Family,                                                                November 11 2014

When I Landed here on Earth I landed on some water and when we got out we stepped in the water and I started to sink and next thing you now there was a point sticking up above the water. It came up to me and then I saw that it had teeth and they were not little at all he bit my leg and my leg was bleeding and I had to get help fast so I went to get some stitches and they said that I got bite by a shark.Take care of Mercury my cat please.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           From your green alien Marsha

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