Who is Mama?

This right here is going to tell you who mama is...

Moma is a strong believing christian

This is a good example of what represents mama. She is a very religious person and believes that jesus is our savior.

This represents a baby that mama had lost, it had turned dark for her and that has been with her all the time. A baby that dint get to live.

This represents the love of mama for her husband, when he died she was heart broken

Mama is a chicago made women. She's from Chi-Town, She's been threw alot in this place.

This shows that mamas dream is to be happy with her family.She is that type of person that loves her family.

This represents how mama is very tough and strong women, has a strong attitude and no matter what she goes threw;She stays strong

Mama always tries to bring the sun in the darkness, she wants to brighten up the day.

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