Controlling - Protecting- Testy

All I wanted was...

a prostitute for sex.

enough money to pass by.

to have my own land.

to rent a hotel room.

some Jack Daniels to have a good time.

But I didn't want...

to lose my only friend, Lennie.

to work for others.

to be runnin' away from my problems.

something to be responsible for.

to disappoint aunt Clara.


Character Development

George tells the guys on the farm that Lennie is his cousin, but he later admits they are not related. Later on George opens up to Slim telling him about how he had abused Lennie for his own amusement. This however led him to realize that taking advantage of the weak is wrong, and the world just preys on the weak. As the book progresses George has a desire to purchase land. George envisioned the land a safe haven for him and Lennie.

Character interactions


George is very controlling towards Lennie, and he doesn't allow him to talk or make his own decisions. George is only like this because he is trying to protect Lennie and keep him out of trouble.

Curley's Wife:

George never got involved with her because he thought she was big time trouble.


When talking to Slim, George really opened up to him. He shared the events that Lennie and himself endured back in weed.

George respected the characters that didn't attack the weak minded people like Lennie.

George played a major role in the plot Of Mice and Men. He was Lennie's guardian, and even though he had abused him and controlled him, George protected him. If George had not shot Lennie at the end of the book, Lennie would have suffered a horrid death and tortuous death. On the other hand George encouraged Lennie to fight Curley. He said, "Get him, Lennie. Don't let him do it"(Steinbeck 63). The fight led to Curley's hand being broken and his wife having the hots for Lennie. George also gives some of the men on the farm temporary hope with this idea of buying their own land.

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