Dogs Of The American Revolution

English Bulldogs

During the revolution, the colonists weren't the only people with dogs. The Redcoats were also accompanied by them. They used English Bulldogs to chase cannon balls fired into american trenches.


                                                       Washington and his dogs

George Washington, our first president was a rather big dog lover. Throughout his life he had many dogs. The only known amount dogs that he owned are 13. One of his favorite dogs was called Sweet Lips, and he brought him to battle with him on occasion.


                                                     General Howe's Missing Dog

During the Battle of Germantown,great fog took over the battlefield. General Howe, the British army’s commander-in-chief, lost his dog in the chaos. The dog ended up within the hands of George Washington, who realized the dog was the opposing generals. The rest of his army wanted to keep the dog as a trophy, but because George Washington loved dogs, he returned it to Howe as a flag of truce.

                                                  Thomas Jefferson and his Briards  

In 1789, France's Marquis de Lafayette introduced Briards to Jefferson. He wasn't as big of a dog lover like Washington was, but he fell in love with this dog breed. He was one of the countries first breeder of the Briards. He calls them  “the finest house and farm dogs I have ever seen.”

                                                            General Charles Lee

General Lee was one of the generals in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He wished to lead the army as its commander-in-chief, but lost to Washington. He had a bad mouth, and was known as "the great admirer of dogs."

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