The moon's important
Yosselin Morales
4th hour

I'm going to be talking about the moon phases, tides and eclipses. The picture  that you see is an eclipse it is orange and yellow. That's how an eclipses moon would look like in the dark. Phases are different shapes of the moon you see from earth. The tides are caused mainly by different in how much gravity from the moon and the sun pulls on different part of earth.


This is a picture  of the moon phase that there are. The moons light are product from the sun that is because the sun reflect to the moon. The sun hits the moon and so the moon will reflect the light. The sun stays the same but the earth is the one that rotates around the  sun. When it is dark then that mines that the earth rotated and that the sun is hits or lighting some where else. We have phase so that we can have seasons. If we didn't have season then it would be the same old seasons. The phases affect the earth because the moons gravity pulls on earths oceans and destroy them causing tides. The water on the opposite side also  bulges, and the two bulges follow them moon's motion and earths rotation.


The reversing saint johns river is caused by ocean tides. Tides are caused mainly by different in how much gravity from the moon and the sun pulls on different parts of earth. As earth rotates, one high tides occurs on the side of earths that faces the moon. The second high tide occurs on  the opposite side of the earth. Also if we didn't have a moon then we would not be having tides. Tides can  affect earth by destroying  homes or things like that, but it mainly destroy  anything. The sun and the moon will pull in the same direction so that tides can occur.


When an object in space comes between the sun and a third object, causing an eclipse. The two types of eclipses are solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from earth. The moon shadow will then hit earth. During a lunar eclipse, earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon. They only occur there is a full moon because the moon is closet to earth shadow at that time. It affect earth by the solar eclipse blocking some of the sunlight the rate of photosynthesis will be slower.


The moon phases, tides and eclipse  are important because you can know what Sean it would be. Also you can know went a tide will occur. If we didn't have it then we will be having the same Sean over and over.

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