Colonial life  

By austin

Hi I'm austin and this is my colonial life.I get out of bed before the sun rises and go outside to gather fire wood to cook breakfast then I eat breakfast and go to school back then school was not fun you could not smile,you had to sit up straight and if you did not they hit you with a ruler.I walked into the line in front of the one room school then the went inside. Inside stood mr.chunk I sat next to Josith and started reading I was tired but I did not dare  slump down on the chair  I finished reading and now it was time for writing  I knew after writing it was math the thing I was best at. I tried to go as fast as I could go I was done and waited then mr.chunk told me to do it ten more times for stoping.It was math I tried to answer as many math problems as I could. Then it was done school was over. I walked back home and made some candles with my brother Ethan I made 5 and Ethan made 10 mostly because he grabbed them out of my hand. We went back inside mummy told me to emty  the tolit pot I did the chore and ate dinner  of  pork and carrots. We had a garden full of carrots me and Ethan picked them after dinner and went to bed.I lied in bed and was ready for the cyucle to repeat       

                                                                THE                     END