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Earthworks receives 4 out of 4 stars and a score of 95.28 out of a 100.

Mission: Earthworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development while promoting sustainable solutions, Earthworks stands for clean air, water and land, healthy communities, and corporate accountability. We work for solutions that protect both the Earth's resources and our communities.

Financial Information:

* Program Expenses: 90.5%

* Administrative Expenses: 4.2%

* Fundraising Expenses: 5.1%

* Fundraising Efficiency: $0.04

* Primary Revenue Growth: 12.3%

* Program Expenses Growth: 10.6%

* Working Capital Ratio: 0.32

What Earthworks does with their money:

We fulfill our mission by working with communities and grassroots groups to reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption. We expose the health, environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts of mining and energy extraction through work informed by sound science. Earthworks partners with local affected communities, national and international advocates to respond to and solve the growing threats to the earth’s natural resources, clean water, biodiversity, special places and communities from irresponsible mining, drilling, and digging. Earthworks is dedicated to mobilizing the public, and governmental and corporate decision makers to take action against the destructive impacts of extraction.

Ways to become involved:

In the action center-protect Nevada's largest mule deer herd, stand with Peruvian farmers, tell your Congressman to support 1872 mining law reform, protect communities from toxic oil and gas air pollution, don't let congress fast track natural gas exports, protect our homes and communities from frackquakes, say no to dirty gold, respect the vote don't sue Costa Rica, tell congress to support the frack pack, support renewable energy, reopen frack investigations, or tell Macy's to say no to dirty gold. Or you can donate

1612 K Street, NW
Suite 808
Washington, DC 20006
tel: (202) 887-1872
fax: (202) 887-1875

Earthworks in the news:

"Residents are also worried about living with water polluted with cyanide and heavy metals long after Newmont leaves. Despite company promises, residents contend with contaminated water at the Yanacocha mine. Mirtha’s organization, Grufides, posted this video that highlights contamination of streams at the now-closed San Jose pit in Yanacocha – the first of many to be closed in the coming years."

Mehta, Shreema. "From Cajamarca to Wilmington: Why We Wnt to Newmont's Shareholder Meeting." Earthworks. N.p., n.d. Web. <>.

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