The Woman in the snow
inference chart

I think it the book, the woman in the snow is gonna be about how her life is and how she lived during her childhood.

"The blackbird express" (257) Grady calls it that because he doesn't like black people.

"Grady's face flushed with surprise and anger." (259)  Grady called the old black lady auntie and she told a little joke about it and  that kind of made Grady surprised and angry.

"... His head light picked up a woman running in the snow-the same woman he'd seen the previous year."(261)  I'm  thinking that he knew that he must do something to help this time because last time he didn't help and  two lives were lost.

"Grady closed his eyes but couldn't keep them shut. She was still coming, but from where?" (262) Grady does care about her but she Is black and he doesn't want to care about black people.

"Fear made Grady hit the brakes." (262) I think that maybe if he feared that maybe she's the same one from before and she's trying to get him back but he also thinks that maybe it could also be a different woman so he had to stop.

"Ray  Hammond, a war hero with two years of collage, became the first black driver Metro hired."(263) this is important because he was the first black to be a driver and he had education. He was the first black war hero, he takes risks

"He thought he saw Eula Mae Daniels smile as she vanished into the swirling snow, never time seen again." (266) I think this time maybe Eula was free and that they can go to heaven. She and her baby couldn't go because there's still something to be done . Ray did a great thing because he was a kind man and wasn't scared if she was a ghost or not, all he knew is that he is gonna help her. He have finally helped her solve her problem so she and her child can be free from all these years.