Video Game Designer

What is the purpose of having a video game designer?

They exists because they are the make the levels,and puzzles in the game and they also a important because they are big part of the entertain industry and video game industry.  

Duties and Responsibilities  

  • Creating a basic structure of the computer game.
  • Make the levels and puzzles in the game,and may work with game artists
  • work with programmers to create codes for to make the game work right
  • developing how the game should be played,train game testers to play the game in certain ways to see if the game is working correctly and see if there are no faults in the game.


  • Needing a bachelor's degree in computer graphics, animation or a related field
  • Game knowledge Mathematics,Programming,Written,Communication skills,Video graphics,and Hardware essentials
  • Originality,Fluency of Ideas,Near Vision,Oral Comprehension,Oral Expression
  • Thinking,communicate,innovate,and control


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