Fingerprint-painted birdies

Crafty HOW-TO for a truly unique piece of art.

What you will need:

  • Cardstock or thicker paperstock
  • Ink pad or tempera paint
  • Medium and finer-point markers
  • Wet wipes — for easy clean-up!

How to do it:

1. Start by drawing the base to your artwork. Want birds in a tree? Use the medium-tipped marker to draw branches.

2. Press fingertip into ink pad. (If you're using tempera paint, spread a think layer of paint on newspaper to prevent globbing.)

3. Stamp fingerprint onto branches to create leaves. Clean fingertips with wet wipes when done with leaves.

4. Use different colors of ink or paint to stamp fingerprints just above branches, creating the bodies of birdies. Use partial fingerprint-presses to create bird tails. Clean fingertips with wet wipes.

5. Let ink or paint dry.

6. Once paint is dry, use finer-tipped marker to draw legs on birds, medium-tips to draw beaks and eyes.

7. Finally: be sure the artist (you or your child) signs the artwork — with a fingertip and a name!