by: Pascale and meg

Where do Ermines live?
They live in the tundra, tree roots, rock crevice. They are found all over Canada.
    Ermines are small animals. In the summer and spring their coats are chocolate brown and with a white belly.They also have a flexible spine.

Ermines are carnivores. They eat rabbits small insects, rodents, birds, and small mammals.

Snowy owls, lynx, Arctic fox, hawks are eat Ermines.

Ermines live in the tundra grasslands. They have all four seasons, the average temperature is -30 degrees f. They live in a vast land that is almost completely dark during the winter because of northern location.
Canada, and northern part of the US. This is the coldest tundra in the world.

Some of the animals that live in the ecosystem are Arctic fox, caribou, grizzly bear, harlequin, duck, musk ox, polar bear, and snow owl.

Some of the plants that live in this ecosystem are bear berry, moss, willow, pasqueflower, and turfed saxifrage, and labortea.


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