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Welcome everybody to my new blog, I hope you enjoy it.

A lot of people know that I love the mountain bike, so the last week I was looking information about cycle clubs in Thunder Bay, and I found one. The name of this club is "Black Sheep MTB" and they have a website (http://www.blacksheepmtb.com/).

In this website it is possible to find different information related to mountain bike and a schedule of their races. I was feeling surprised when I saw that races start on Sunday 25 of May! As well, In the webpage I found a map with the trails that they used in Centennial Park and Mount McKay for the races. In that moment I was thinking in join to this club and go to the Sunday race, because I saw that the races usually are about 1 – 2 hours and about 15 – 20 km. In Chile the races are about 3 hours for a distance of 50 – 75 km, so I had said... It's easy!

On Friday I had gone to visit this trails in the Centennial Park, and another surprise comes to me, if in Chile the races are longer and have a lot of hills for climb, here the complex is the mud and the trees, there is a lot of fallen trees in the trails and it's necesary jump over this trees, so now I understand the difference in time and extension of the races. I not have experience in races on this kind of mud or jumping over the trees, so I need some time for prepare me to this kinds of races, but I think that I will try to go in the next month.