Local And Global Weather Patterns

1. What is wind? Wind is the natural movement of air.

2. What is a sea breeze? A sea breeze is a breeze blowing to the land from the sea. The sea breeze occurs in the day time mostly.

3. What is a land breeze? A land breeze is a a breeze blowing toward the sea from the land. The land breeze occurs at night mostly.

4. What is the jet stream? The jet stream is a narrow west moving cycle of air currents circling the globe many miles above the earth.

5.What are global wind patterns? Wind patterns are different types of seasonal winds.

6. What is prevailing westerlies. The winds from the west that happen in the temperate zones of the Earth.

Picture of a sea breeze.

Pictures of land breeze and sea breeze.

Jet stream


Global wind patterns.

Prevailing westerlies.

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