My hero is Timothy Tarver Sr., My pops. My pops was born in German-town, PA.

My pops was a German-Town bully. At the age of 16 my dad sold crack, weed, and other drugs. He robbed people and stole cars. When he turned 18 he maxed out every credit card he got and never paid it back. His credit was low, he had a bad name but he worked hard. When I was born my pops Stayed in a apartment with my moms, who he had met in the Wawa down the street. One night my pops came home a saw my grandma feed me chicken she'd already eaten. Then he worked harder. He never wanted me to be in that predicament again. He worked 3 jobs back to back, worked on his credit and finally got it to a 650. He then went to the bank with 20,000 dollars and asked for a 50,000 dollar loan. They gave him the loan and brought a house at the age of 23. The reason he is my hero is because he was in a bad predicament and fought though it.


This is my pops at the age of 37.

This is him NOW