Anthemis arvensis

By Justice Abernathy, Kole Wright and Victoria Poynter

Anthemis Arvensis

Anthemis arvensis is also known as corn chamomile, and mayweed.

The results of our quadrate study showed that in the meadow, Anthemis arvensis is not very common according to our data. Anthemis arvensis only appeared in certain parts of the meadow. This plant doesn't need much water, that's why we only found it at the top of the hill and slightly down it as well. The estimated population is very small in the meadow since we were only able to find it two times out of twenty.

Usually the soil is more dry than most areas it does not need very much water to thrive in the ecosystem. My hypothesis is that if I were to plant this plant in Oklahoma it could thrive there ( little rain).

Mostly grows in fields of other flower type plants.

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