Asaba Group Holdings: Portfolio Companies

The AG Holdings, or the Asaba Group Holdings, is a holding company that utilizes its principal's strategy consulting background and extensive knowledge to create value for all stakeholders.

A core value of its investment philosophy is looking for circumstances wherein it can transform business models in current industries to deliver growth and economic returns to all its stakeholders.

AG Holdings companies offer a complete variety of products and services that include electrical distribution systems, pneumatic, hydraulic, and solenoid control devices, steel processing and metal fabrication services, premium beverage marketing and distribution and advisory services. Through the years, the company has built a reputation for the quality of its products, services and customer oriented solutions.

Portfolio Companies

AG Manufacturing, Inc.

AG Manufacturing, Inc. is a full service supplier of electronic sub-assemblies, electrical components, wire cable and coaxial assemblies, lighting assemblies and plastic molding for the automotive, marine and military defense industries. Their products consist of wire harnesses, electronic control actuators, electromechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components for automotive, truck, and military applications. AG Manufacturing, Inc. has plants in Alabama, Illinois, and Michigan.

SET Enterprises, Inc.

For more than two decades, SET is one of the top suppliers of metal processing services to the automotive industry, and one of the most respected companies in the industry. SET offers world class exposed and unexposed blanking, slitting and warehousing of metal products. Some of their customers include OEMs and direct/tier 1 supplier.

SET provides unique solutions and quality products and services to various customers to help them achieve their goals and objectives. They are strategically situated near their major customers to maximize the value of doing business with their company. They have locations in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Cintron World

Cintron World is an international beverage company that specializes in premium beverages and premier lifestyle events. Cintron offers a line of ready to drink functional beverages and premium energy drinks in four flavors, namely original, cranberry, pineapple, and mango. Cintron sponsors certain events around the world within the categories of fashion, music concepts, polo tournaments, and luxury travel excursions. Cintron’s head office is situated in New York City.

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