forensic science

Cameron Roach

session 1

in session 1 i learned what forensic science is. during  session 1 i got to define  what it is. i also got to learn what a few of the basic principles were .

session 2

in session 2 i learned about the history of finger printing and got to learn how to copy a finger print to a finger print backing . i also got to investigate the crime seen. i also got to seen other methods for investigations

session 3

in session 3 i was able to take a peice of evidence and finger print it to a finger backing. i alsolearned what DNA finger printing was. i lifted a finger print from a peice of evidence from running well high school.

session 4

in session 4 i got to do all kind of thing i got to define trace evidence. i also review the proccess of DNA fingure printing. and i relearned what the parts of the microscope were. 

session 5

session 5 was alot of what session 4 was.I was actually able to anylyze trace evidence to day . i reviewed what trace evidence was.and i also was able to find out what to do to find trace evidence.

session 6

in session 6 i learned what chromatography was.i also learned how to find evidence of chromatography.

session 7

i session 7 i was able to identify a suspect. i was able construct a theory. i was able to find the suspect in session 7 because of all the think i was able to practice through out the session.


a career that would go with forensic science is if you worked with the law enforcement in helping find out how victims were or who the person that did the crimes name was.

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