Alyssa Chodnicki

A New Low In Anti-Muslim American bias:

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This article tells how the Oklahoma state representative John Bennett feels tat the Muslims are a cancer in American society and they should be removed. He also feels that the goals of Muslims is to destroy western civilization from within. Bennett is very racist towards all Muslims and makes it seem that all have the same views while many don't. He also states that gay marriage rights take away his own freedom. This article shows how Bennett is very racist to specific parties no matter what their intentions are.


Ideals related to this story:

equality and opportunity

reason for ideals:

Representative Bennett is not giving the Muslims equal rights when he is criticizing a certain race and not just specific people. They are not being treated equal to other American citizens when Bennett is encouraging others to think that the Muslims are trying to ruin western civilization. Some Muslims might feel this way but most Muslims do not and this is treating them unfairly. Also Bennett is not giving the Muslims and the gay community the opportunities they deserve. For example, he feels gay marriage is taking away his freedom but when they are not able to have the opportunity to get married they are not equal with the rest of society. Finally when Bennett is bashing on the Muslims people start to see them as a threat and they will not always give them equal opportunity just because of there religion. Bennett shows racism towards certain groups that might contain people he feels are threatening our country but he should not judge the whole community of that race.

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