Population growth in East Timor

East Timor is a country located north of Australia, on one of the islands in the archipelago that makes up Indonesia. The current population growth rate according to the UN is 3.5% per year. This means that the population adds 3.5% of the current population, each year. This nation is facing problems due to this, and other things, most of which are due to inadequate resources. They are rated as the hungriest country in Asia, and the fourth hungriest country in the world. By the Global Hunger index. Currently 37.4% of the countries population is living below the international poverty line of $1.25 US dollars per day. Part of these issues stem from the war for their independence that cost many lives, and resources, and led to them becoming the first new sovereign state of the 21st century.

Flag of East Timor


approximate weight of human civilization


How does this affect us?

There are several ways East Timor's population could affect us. One is immigration, if it gets bad, some citizens may want to move to the US. Another is humanitarian relief. If a natural disaster, or something else destructive happens they may not need to have help from foreign charitable organizations.Another reason it matters is simply because there are people living in poor conditions, who need help, and we have it pretty good.

There are several solutions to overpopulation world wide. Some are more feasible than others. One solution is to build better buildings, that can increase population density in cities, allowing more land used for housing to be converted to grow food. Another is to maximize the food we do grow, and distribute it to those who need it, and not waste. This is probably the easiest, yet least likely, as economics guarantees only those who can pay for it receive food. Those options are easy, and feasible today, with the right funds, and international cooperation. These are the scarcest resources at times though. A few more sci fi options include colonizing Mars, the Moon, or some even suggest blimps on Venus. These options are a long way off, and are not likely to solve it before problems arise.

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