Vertex Radios for Education

Two-Way Radios for Schools

Keeping school campuses secure has been a pressing concern for administrators and parents for a very long time. It's been discussed even more heavily the last few years with recent tragedies at various schools nationwide. It's not the most comfortable topic, but school safety is extremely important and can be challenging without the right equipment. Amerizon Wireless recommends Vertex Standard portable two-way radios to help aid in the quest for complete campus security.

Most Reliable Communication Option

There are several ways for school campus employees to remain in communication. There are, naturally, limitations with any solution. More and more people are relying on cellular technology to communicate and while it is probably sufficient the majority of the time - you are at the mercy of cell tower performance. We've all experienced dropped calls and clarity issues depending on location. Two-way radio communication does not suffer from those reliability issues.

Two-way radio communication with Vertex radios is instant and effective. It isn't affected by capricious mitigating factors such as weather, silent ringtone volume, complicated apps, etc. Campus workers can rest assured that Vertex radios and Vertex radio accessories will perform when it matters most. They are extremely easy to use (push-to-talk) and lightweight for convenience of use and maximum portability.

Stay Under Budget Without Sacrificing Quality!

How to Use Radios for School Safety!

One of the more common issues in school communication is getting everyone on the same page with the same procedures and protocol. Radios need to be programmed to talk with one another and while it's possible to use different models and even different manufacturers, many schools simply do not take the time to set up a comprehensive network. School campuses are often large and are engineered with non-conventional plans that may result in dead zones or signal difficulty. The best option for filling these gaps are called repeaters. Repeaters help intensify signals and broaden communication zones.

There isn't an exact science to how many people in a school should be equipped with radios. Certainly it depends on campus size, staff volume and number of students. At a bare minimum, we recommend radios for principals, medical staff, main office administrators, physical education instructors, bus staff and a healthy amount of teachers in each geographical region of your campus. In an emergency, being able to communicate quickly can be the key to maximizing school safety. Staff can travel freely without needing to rush to a standard line-in phone or trying to quickly dial key numbers via a cell phone. Radios go with you and are ready to communicate with the simple push of a button. Even a complete power failure won't prevent two-way radios from communicating (assuming they're charged).

Why is Vertex the Best Option?

- 3 Year Warranty

- Remote Listening Capability

- Flexible Channel Monitoring

- Emergency Alert System

- Cost-Effective

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