I Did It

By: Maddi Terlisner

The low deep rumble
of the fierce engine
like a dog's growl.

I watched my dad
test drive the 60
like a pro.

Dirt flew
through the air
do to a burnout.

I slid the sweaty helmet
on my big head,
and I threw
on my heavy gear
to go on the 60.
As my father
would have done.

My father brought back
the muddy 60 for me.
My father happily asked me,
"Maddi you ready
to ride by yourself?"

He made me feel
like I could do it!
I replied with a

because i felt
like I could succeed
this terrific experience.

While my dad explained
how to control the 60,
I glanced over
and saw my family
cheering me on.

I gripped the sweaty
sticky handlebars,
and away I went.
Pushing back
tons of dirt
through the air.

I drifted each corner,
like a pro.
Throwing dirt
off to the side.
While I was riding
I smelt the alarming
smell of gasoline,
but I figured it was okay.

I brought back the muddy 60,
from a blast of fun.
I hopped of the 60
and yelled
"I did it, I did it!!"

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Good Job

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Very nice.!