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Great apps to use for students and educators alike!

Brain Pop

Brain pop is a free app that work on iOS 4.2 or later and on Android devices.

The subject areas it covers are: Science, Math, English, Social Studeis, Engineering, Arts & Music, and Health.

There are a variety of versions available such those for K-3, in Spanish, as well as for ELLs.

Frog Dissection

The Frog Dissection App by Emantras Inc. is available on iTunes for $3.99 and  works on devices with an iOS system of 4.3 or later.

It provides a virtual frog dissection which caters to students who may not be comfortable dissecting deceased animals that have been preserved.

This app has a step-by-step voice-over instruction and an accurate simulation of a wet lab dissection process. It also provides information on the organs and life-cycle of frogs as well as an anatomical comparison of humans and frogs.

This app also has an interactive quiz available following the lab. Great for Biology students in High School!

Story Kit

Story Kit is a free app that works on iOS (3.0 or later) or Android devices.

This app allows for creative minds to create an electronic story book that would be a great addition to an English class.

It features text-writing, illustration or media uploads, drawing, voice and sound recording, and the ability to add or delete pages with ease.


Evernote is a free app that works on iOS (4.0 or later) and Android devices.

It features a note-taking tool and an organization tool for both students and teachers! You can sync all of your notes between devices, create and edit to-do lists, text notes, and tasks.

You can even add pictures, voice reminders, email notes, and save tweets to your account!


Mathboard is an app available for iOS (5.0 or later) devices, priced at $4.99.

This app allows for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. It features a randomization problem generator that creates up to 25o questions per quiz with configurable numbers ranging from -999 to 999.

Quizzes can be saved and timed and users can view wrong answers with the correct answer next to it!

Shakespeare in Bits

Shakespeare in bits is a free app that works on iOS (4.0 or later) devices.

It is considered a multimedia approach to teaching and learning Shakespeare and features unabridged texts and in-line translations. Each play includes high resolution animation and audio recording.

This app also includes character relationship maps and literary analyses!


Dictionary.com is a free app that works on iOS (3.0 or later) and Android devices.

It features the English dictionary as well as a thesaurus. The app includes audio pronounciation, word origin and history, example sentences, and spelling suggestions.

This app is great for English classes, Language Arts, ESL, ELLs, any of the like!


Edmodo is a free app that works on iOS (4.0 or later) and Android devices.

Once an account is created and used in mobile devices, the app features functions such as reviewing and submitting homework assignments, checking grades, sending assignment alerts, and conducting class discussion after hours.

This is a great app for "blended delivery" courses for Junior High and Senior High Schools!

Grammar Up

Grammar Up is an app that works for iOS (3.0 or later) and Android devices for a cost of $4.99.

Students can test their knowledge of the English grammar with this app which features 1800 questions and 20 grammar categories. Users are able to choose one category of questions or a variety of categories with mixed test mode. There is also a timer option available.

The progress meter allows you to track weak topic areas and test results have the ability to be sent through an e-mail address!

History: Maps of the World

This is a free app that works on iOS (3.0 or later) devices.

It features high resolution historical maps which you can view by category or era. It also has a zoom feature and a screen rotation option for viewing on your choice of device.

Great app for Social Studies classrooms!

Splashtop Whiteboard for iPad

Splashtop is an app available for iPad (iOS 4.0 or later) users at a cost of $19.99.

This app transforms any iPad into an interactive whiteboard and has the ability to connect to a computer via Wi-Fi. Users can watch flash media with fully synchronized audio and video as well as control apps like Keynote and Powerpoint just like on a PC.

Users can annotate, highlight, write over content, take screenshots, print, e-mail and share! Perfect for any K-12 classroom!

Math Formula Reference Guide

This app works on iOS (3.0 or later) devices and can be purchased for $0.99.

It is a handy reference guide for hard-to-memorize math equations. Users can review formulas for algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, probability, and statistics. Most formulas come with examples illustrating how to solve problems!

A great app for Junior High and Senior High School students!


Quizlet is a free app that works on iOS and Android devices.

It features a flashcard maker and quiz app so users can study on-the-go! Users can test themselves on a variety of subjects with digital flashcards, create flashcards with an easy-to-use template, and upload pictures and import data directly from your device or choose from pre-made sets of flashcards!

Great apps for K-12 classrooms on mobile devices!

Word Lens

Word Lens is a free app that works on iOS (4.0 or later) devices.

It is a translation tool which students can use to translate words into another language by taking a picture or typing a word into the app. Users may choose to buy a language pair for more pairings.

Simply take a picture of a word or phrase, a page or a sign and receive the translated version. Handy for language classes or school trips!

Learning to tell time is fun!

This app is available for iOS (4.3 or later) and Android devices for $1.99.

It teaches children how to tell time and is ideal for incorporating into the classroom for students in elementary school!

There are a variety of modifications users can use to alter times between analog and digital clocks!

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