Project Life

Kalob Johannsen

About Me

I am single with two children Stephanie age 8, Carl age 5. I drive 14 miles total to work.


-I make an Annual Salary of $90,000 a year

- I pay around $1825 in Taxes

-My net month income is $5,673

Established Expenses

Each month I spend:

-$45 in Health and Life Insurance

-$60 in Medical and dental Expenses

-$283.65 In savings

-$56.73 in charitable giving

-$50 in unlucky chance card

Chance Card

I entered a chili contest and I won $25! unfortunatly Someone spilled something on my carpet and i had to pay $50 to get it cleaned.

Personal Investments

I bought 3 stock companies, Facebook(FB) 10 shares, Cummins (CMI) 75 shares, and Tesla Motors (TSLA) 75 shares. i have lost 1,080.55 dollars off of them.

Day 1 i made $22,484, Day 5 i made 21,373.55.


I live in Mankato Minnesota.The cost of my house is $258,000, i pay $1,796.78 a month. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. its a little over budget but i have plenty saved.


I pay about $165 a month fro my electricity, sewer and water and phone and internet.


I own a 2009 GMC Silverado 1500. The cost of the truck is $24,989. I pay a monthly total of $518. This is over $200 under my budget.

I drive 14 miles total a day to work , i drive about 420 miles a month. I about $60 dollars a month on gas and matienece is about $25. Total a month I spend about $85.

Home improvment and Furniture

I bought a refridgerator, a TV, and a Entertainment center and i pay 230.66 a month.

Food, HOusehold, and Personal Hygene

I spent about $960.05 a month.

Clothing and Accesories

I spent about $99.87 on clothing. adult casual jacket for $35.89, Girl shoes for $7.99, Boy shoes for $ 20, Girl dress for $ 13.99 and a boys shirt for $2.

Entertainment and Recreation

Total i spent $9.98 dollars on stuff. Bowling which was $1.99 and netflix is 7.99.

Cable and dining out

I didnt get cable i stuck with netflix monthy, because theres more of a selection and its cheaper. I spend $7.99 monthly.

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