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Many people suffer low immune response in their bodies. This could be a condition that has been caused by long exposure to sun rays or the initial stages of a cancerous cell. Today, you can buy imiquimod drugs online to help in treating the condition without any need for further prescription. The medicine is meant for effective treatment of three main forms of skin infections, notably:

    · Actinic keratosis. This is a condition manifested in the skin and the scalp.

    · External genital warts. It is important that you understand this treatment is not a cure for this condition.

    · Primary skin cancer that is commonly known as the superficial basal cell carcinoma.

In the Aldara medicine, the active agent is the imiquimod. This is an effective product that is used in mainly treating those skin diseases that are virus-like and infectious. The medicine helps in keeping the body up to fight off the infections easily. Aldara is directed for the following conditions:

    · Basaloma

    · Vaginal warts (also known as pointed condyloma)

    · Actinic keratosis

    · Epitheliale related infections

How to Use Imiquimod Medicine

The drugs come in the form of a cream. This is applied on the infected area as per the doctor’s instructions. Ensure that you have not missed any dosage for maximum benefits. One should take care while using the medicine if the area to be treated is on the rectal or genitals. Carefully apply on the outer layers avoiding any contamination of the inner layers. Sexual activities should be avoided in this case as well. This could cause unwanted severe reactions.

Before using Aldara treatments, ensure that you have told your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The cream is to left on the applied area for duration of about 6 or 8 hours.

One should limit alcoholic beverages while under this medication. If you are already using another medicine, let the doctor know and it is not given that you stop taking the current one. This is up to the doctor to decide.

For ladies, make up products should be avoided on the affected areas. Direct sun rays could fuel the severity of the effects thus patients should not stay in the sun for long.

There are other drugs that react with this medicine. They include:

    · Natalizumab

    · Echinacea

    · Corticosteroids

    · Leflunomide

The dose is prescribed dependent on age, and severity of the condition. Patients should take care to follow the prescriptions and any dose missed should be skipped and not double applied for compensation.

Possible Side Effects of Imiquimod

The unwanted effects are exhibited through the local pores as well as the skin reactions realized. These may vary from abnormal skin redness, sensation and itches to headache and skin irritation. There may be lumps on the skin, swelling of glands around the neck area, skin tenderness and flaking skin among others.

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