Meal nutrition

By Tim Ward

Meal one: chicken and steak bowl and water

Calories: 850

Fat (g)36

Saturated fat: 17 g

Percentage of fat: 38%

Teaspoons of fat: 7.2

:active teen boys should eat no more than 123 grams  of fat a day. This meal contains 36 grams of fat. It is 38% fat and pretty unhealthy for you. Of the fat it contains 17 grams of this are saturated fat. You should not have more than 36 grams of saturated fat a day.

Meal 2: beef and cheddar sandwich, large curly fries, water

Calories: 450,630

Fat(g): 20,35

Saturated fat: 6,5

Percentage of fat: 40%, 50%

Teaspoons of fat:4,7

:active teen boys should have no more than 123 grams of fat a day, this meal contains 55 grams of fat which 44% of your daily values. It also contains 11 grams of saturated fat which is 31% of the daily amount. This meal is unhealthy  due to how much of your daily fat it is.

Healthy meal

Meal 3:chicken salad,water



Saturated fat:3

Fat percentage: 27%

Teaspoons of fat:2

This meal contains  10 grams of fat which is only 8% of your daily fat intake. It contains  a mere 3 grams of saturated fat which also only 8%for your intake of saturated fat. This meal is a healthy option from a fast food place.

Conclusion:  In my opinion you should just stay away from fast food. It is very difficult to find a healthy option at  fast food restaurants. There is a very slim chance that you can have a healthy diet when you eat fast food on a regular basis.

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