What will happen when we combine water with Epsom salt?

Brendan Abbott, Tommy Broughton



Water and Epsom salt: H2O + MgSO4 »»» H2SO4 + MgO

During the reaction of water and Epsom salt,nothing exciting happened. The water turned white and was no longer transparent.  The temperature decreased from 23 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius.  So if the temperature is decreasing and energy was absorbed, than it is an endothermic reaction.  
            The Law of Conservation of Mass is demonstrated as follows:

Reactants:                                                                                              Products:

2 H                                                                                                           2 H

5 O                                                                                                           5 O

1 Mg                                                                                                         1 Mg

1 S                                                                                                             1 S

Balanced Equation Water and Epsom salt: H2O+MgSO4»H2SO4+MgO


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