The sewing machine! :)

Invented by: Elias Howe!


Elias Howe was born in Spencer,Massachusetts on July 9th 1819. After he lost his job in 1839, he moved from Spencer,Massachusetts to Boston,Massachusetts. He found work in Machinist shop. When he started working there, that was when he got the idea of tinkering to try to make a mechanical sewing machine. 8 years later, he demonstrated his device to the public. His device could stitch 250 stitches per minute! That out sewed the output of five hand sewers with a reputation of speed. Elias Howe patented his lock stitched sewing machine on september 10th 1846 in New Hartford,Connecticut. This machine created no problems for people because people found it to be more helpful and quicker than having to sew with their hands.

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