How Do You Remove Bed Bugs?

Bed bug infestation is a growing problem in Singapore in homes, motels, college dorms, apartments, condominiums, offices and even hospitals. It is quiet important to remove them because they can cause a few serious health problems later on. There are a number of useful ways for bed bugs removal Singapore.

Bed bugs prefer to hide in old furniture like mattress, sofa and chairs. They also prefer to hide in dirty clothes and bedding items. Hence, regular wash these things in order to keep them clean. Always use hot water while washing because bed bugs cannot survive in a temperature above 120-125 degree. Regular put bed mattresses under the sun for a few hours which is the easiest way to removal bed bugs.

You can also use freezing method to kill bed bugs and their eggs. What you need to do is put the mattress and the clothes in the refrigerator. They can't survive in an extremely cold temperature as well. If there are cracks in the walls of your house, the bugs can hide there. Hence, you should get the cracks repaired immediately.

If you are going to use pesticides to kill bed bugs, make sure that you are applying them in the right area of your house. Bed bugs prefer to stay in the dark places and corners of the house. So spray or apply the pesticides in these areas. Regular Using vacuum cleaners to clean every corner in your house can reduce the number of bed bugs. Using mint for bed bugs removal Singapore can be another good way as well. What you need to do is take out the mint juice, mix it up with water and then spray it at all the corners. Bed bugs do not like the smell of mint and they will be forced to run away.