I Am The Greatest Person To Explore For Spain!

Choose Me to Explore For You.

It is 1517,(1) and I, Josh Budzinski who comes from Israel(2), would like to explore for you, King Charles V(4) of Spain(3).  With my abilities, I will be more successful than Christopher Columbus.  I will explore the east coast of North America, because it has what you are looking for(8).  (9)Also, there are no other countries exploring those parts currently.

(5) I know that your country has everything it needs, but I can get you what you desire; gold.  I have heard many tales of the seven gold cities, and wish to find them for you, for just a small part of your money.  Other countries are also looking for gold in other places(10), so if you have gold, you are more powerful.  (6)If you want wood, furs, and salt, I can find you them too, (7)which right now is valuable to your country, and many other parts of the world.

Since there are no other countries exploring eastern North America, I don't expect to fight any of them.  (11)If I happen to come upon a group of American Indians, then I will try to negotiate with them, but if they will not cooperate, then I will fight for you, your majesty.

(12)If I am to encounter a sea monster, or storm, then I will secure the ship, and throw overboard any suspicious acting men.  I will also bring a doctor, in case my crew is struck with the horrible diseases.  I think that with these reasons to back me up, that you should pick me, Josh Budzinski, to be your explorer.

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