Ronnie Layne             Age 34



My journal will be from April 10 to April 15, 1862

I live with my wife and my daughter. My son is in the war, he is stationed in Ohio.

Day 1

In the morning I brush my teeth, eat breakfast, prepare my stuff to go to work at the wood mill, and gather wood. In the afternoon I am usually at work for most of the day, when I get home I go take care of the farm animals. After I take care of the animals, I usually have to go get more wood. Then we eat dinner and go to bed.

Today I helped the war effort in two ways. I gave them food, and I gave them blankets.


Dear Son,

I heard that you went in to battle today. I heard that it was the battle of Fort Sumter. I hope that your doing well and that I can see you soon. We all have missed you very much back home. Your mother misses you the most. Everyday she cries, she is worried that you won't come back home. I know you will, keep doing what your doing.

                                                                               Sincerely, Your father


This morning I'll have to let the dogs out. Today I have to go hunting. We are running low on food so hofely I can get something. I will go after we go to church. Before we go to church though, we have to get the kids ready. When we get home from church, I set out to go hunting. I let the dogs loose and wait from them to bark. After about an hour I heard them bark, so I set out for them. When I got to them they had treed three squirrels. I shot both of them and took them home. On our way home I saw a deer. I loaded my gun and shot it. I left it there because I could not carry it. When I got back to the house, I gave the squirrels to my wife and went back to get the deer.

I helped the war effort in three days today. One I gave them some ammunition the second one is I gave them money to get things. I also gave let them sleep out in our barn.


Dear Father,

I have successfully made it back to the safety of Washington. Thanks for praying for me father. I hope that the farm and "Wormies" is doing great. I'm sure it is since your the one in charge of it. I hope to see you very soon.

                                 Sincerely, Your Son

I was very happy to see this letter. I went down to the bay to show my only other family member other than my uncle, and my aunt. My Uncle was very happy to see the letter to. I heard that my father might have participated in the battle of Antietam. Even though the Confederates were able to win this battle, the men were greeted as heroes. I heard the men, while carrying their tattered banner, marched out of the fort and boarded a boat that ferried them to the Union ships outside of the harbor. I hope he made it back safely yet again.

Day 5

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated today.I am very sad about this. There are many reasons why i am sad about this.

One reason is that he was a very good president. He was also an abolitionist. He was against slavery just like me. He fought to get rid of slavery.He took a very big step in shaping our history.

No one knows who killed our amazing president, but he will be found. I hope they find the man and they sentence him to death. He deserves it for what he did for our president.

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