Mother's Day Invitation (Dinner and a Movie)

Since I don't often get to spend Mother's Day with my Mama, I have decided to not get you a gift this year.  Instead I want to spend the evening with you.  Nothing ritzy or fancy; this is a jeans and t-shirt affair.   Just a movie (that I have a feeling you will love) and a bit of food (that I think you will also love).  More than anything I want to spend some time with my Mamasita.

At either 4:15 or 7:00 we'll go see The Lunchbox:

Afterwards (or before... depending on when we go) we will go grab a bite to eat at La Cubana:

We'll play it all by ear and make it work the best we can.  I have neither seen the movie, nor eaten at the restaurant... But I have a good feeling about both.

Tatos are cordially invited, but I get to sit beside you.