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In this blog, students and teachers will be able to find audio-visual materials related to the prep. classes at universities. I'm looking forward to your comments and contributions.Hope you all find them useful and fruitful.

Watch the video and  answer the following questions.

1.Does Mr Bean get up when his alarm clock goes off?

2. What time does he usually get up?

3.Does he eat a small breakfast?

4.Where does he leave at seven thirty in the morning?

5. What does he do  around twelve fifteen?

6.When does he get home?

7. What does he check after dinner?

8. What time does he sleep?

A. Delete the incorrect form of the verb.

Angus and Flora live / lives in Scotland. They both work / works in Edinburgh. Flora work / works in a hotel and Angus drives / drive a taxi. They both enjoy / enjoys their jobs, because they meet / meets a lot of different people. They live / lives in a very nice house , but they want / wants to move.” We like / likes our jobs.” Flora says / say “ but we have /has to travel into Edinburgh every day. It take / takes along time and it cost / costs a lot of money” Flora wants / want to buy a house in Edinburgh, but houses there cost / costs a lot, too.

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