By: Meredith George

Ecuador is  a pretty counrty in North West South America. One of the most know places in Ecuador is the Cotopaxi. It is a stratovolcano in the Andes Mountains. Its the second highest summit in the country. Here is a image below of it.

Facts About Ecuador

Population-15.74 million (2013)

National Language-Ecuador's official language is Spanish, but Quichua, an Inca language, is spoken by the Indian population.

Capital Citys- Quito is the capital city

Countrys right by it- Columbia, and Peru

Currency- U.S. dollar

Famous Places In Ecuador

Galapagos Islands- The Galapagos Islands are a small archipelago of volcanic islands belonging to Ecuador in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Catedral Nueva, Cuenca- The colonial city of Cuenca is the third largest in Ecuador The New Cathedral of Cuenca, or “Catedral Nueva,” is the city’s most-recognizable landmark.

Sicán National Museum- Sicán National Museum is a museum in Ferreñafe, Peru, which opened in 2004. The museum documents the ancient Sican culture.

Spanish Expressions From Ecuador

  • precio de huevo – “the price of an egg”… Meaning: it is cheap.
  • ¡tengo unas ganas de jamar! – I’m hungry!
  • ¡anda que te divierta un burro! – a somewhat proper way of telling someone to “get lost!”

Food and Drinks

-The dessert up there is called Empanadas de viento or fried cheese empanadas. Its the combination of the gooey cheese and onions inside a crispy fried empanada and topped with sugar

-The drink up there is called Morocho, also called morocho dulce ormorocho de leche, is a thick sweet drink made with morocho corn, milk, cinnamon, sugar and raisins.

Climate and Geography

Ecuador has 2 seasons wet,and dry. In the highlands, the dry season is between June and September and around Christmas, but even the wet season isn't particularly rainy.

Work Cited

The video up here is a international folkdance festival in Ecuador. What I like about it that they have different dances that they do with different people and different costumes. They also have a band that goes with dance right by them. Something that I think is interesting about is that there festival was inside in a gym, but ive only been to festivals outside. I also like there outfits, and how they had orginal dances and like bells on there outfits.

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