5 Apps for K-12

1. Socrative


This App enables teachers to assess students' work on a variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPads, and laptops. Through Socrative, teachers can easily gauge progress for both individual students and the entire class. The App also provides teachers with specific feedback: using an excel spreadsheet, teachers can see which responses students got right and which they got wrong.

2. Storybird


Teachers can use this app as part of English Language Arts instruction from elementary to secondary students.  Teachers can use this app to generate a number of assignments that have students create stories or poems using both text and images.  Storybird gives students the opportunity to work collaboratively or independently and to share the stories they create with each other.  

3. Writing Prompts


This app is appropriate for English Language Arts secondary students to practice free writing.  Teachers can use the app in class as well as for homework assignments to generate writing prompts.  The drawbacks of this app include its limited availability through iTunes and cost.

4. Papyrus


Educators can use this app to create a variety of writing assignments.  Papyrus provides students and teachers with the opportunity to make eBooks.  The eBooks students and teachers make can be either collaborative or independent and shared with the class. Focuses students' attention on developing writing and reading skills while exercising creativity.

5. Voicethread


Language Arts teachers can use Voicethread as another component for assignments.  The app enables students to post videos, drawings, and images, which classmates can then comment about.  This app will be especially useful for visual learners and promotes creativity for all learners.

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