Western Cordillera

By: Nader. Nassereddine

Blackcomb Whistler, British Colombia


The ultimate spot for many exploration activities such as skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer is Blackcomb Whistler, British Colombia.  Whether if it's summer or winter, this place exceeds expectation for people to enjoy their time and explore what Canada's largest ski resort has to offer. 

Physical Region

Climate of the Region

Average Annual Temperatures:

Winter: During October - February the temperature averages;

Low:  -29 degrees Celsius   High: 0 degrees Celsius

Summer: During March - September the temperature averages;

Low: -19 degrees Celsius     High: 38 degrees Celsius

Temperature Range:

The maximum temperature range in Blackcomb Whistler is approximately, 12 degrees Celsius.  Thus, explains the temperature range has a maritime climate. 

Total Precipitation:

Precipitation (mm) for Snowfall: 419 mm

Precipitation (mm) for rainfall: 856 mm

Precipitation (mm): 1228 mm

Therefore, the precipitation in that region has a maritime climate. 

(Government Of Canada, Feb. 11th 2015)



The location of Blackcomb Whistler, British Colombia is surrounded by mountain regions that have deep wide valleys and gentle rolling hills, which goes to show that Alpine Glaciers helped form its natural landscape.  Alpine Glaciers leave erosion features such as; Fjords that created the U-shaped valleys and are filled with water. 

(Ralph R. Krueger, Nov. 3rd 2014)

Soil Profile:

This region's soil is mostly covered in ice and snow all year round, which is known as permafrost.  The soil is frozen with thin layers of snow and ice and organic materials near the top.  Permafrost really does take away from people such as, poor place to grow crops and plant life.  Growing crops helps us eat food and keeps us healthy and alive, instead of living in starvation.  Plant life is important because they help grow trees which release oxygen, so that the atmosphere is more suitable to breath into.

(The Canadian Encyclopedia, Mar. 4th 2015)

Different Parts Of The Landform

The Western Cordillera is divided into different sections that have different types of rocks.  These sections are; Eastern Mountains (Rocky and Columbia Mountains), Interior Plateaus (Center of Cordillera), Coast Mountains (Coast Mountain Range & Island Mountain Range).  These different parts of the landform region, are great places for tourism, and great site-seeing oppourtunites.

Eastern Mountains:

In the Eastern Mountains, certain rocks such as sedimentary and metamorphic, were found underneath the surface of this section.  They were formed from sediments, that deposited into the mountains.

Interior Plateaus:

In the Interior Plateaus, these rocks that were found in this section and were mostly recognized as Igneous , Metamorphic, and Valuable Metals such as gold, copper, silver, lead, and zinc.  These rocks were formed by volcanic activity.

Coast Mountains:

In the Coast Mountains, this section contains Igneous which is the cooling of magma or lava, and metamorphic rocks which heat and pressure combine.  These rocks were formed from convergent plate movement.  Convergent Plate movement uplifted a massive amount of metamorphic rocks in the region.

(Neena Gunpat - Maximus Lam, Apr. 7th 2015)

Eastern Mountains
Interior Plateaus
Coast Mountains


The landform soil is covered in permafrost which means there's not much crops or plant life in the region.  This is because of the harsh climate that is not suitable for plant life or even crops to grow there.  There  are only few trees that live in the Western Cordillera such as Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, and Western Red Cedar.

(The Canadian Encyclopedia, Mar. 4th, 2015)

Douglas Fir (Left) , Western Hemlock (Center) , Western Red Cedar (Right)

Human Activites


At Blackcomb Whistler Resort, there are many recreational activities that your family and yourself can do.  Many opportunities such as skiing or even snowboarding.  The resort has many terrain parks for those that are more advanced in these types of sports.   The resort opens their slopes between November till around April at the most.  It's a great and fun way to spend time with your family, as well it's filled with great staff members that assist and teach you how to ski or snowboard.  

(Tourism Whistler, Nov. 27th 2014)

Skiing at Whistler Mountain

Promational Video

The video below shows all the exciting and most breath taking performance this resort has to offer.  Take a quick look at the video below to visualize what great opportunities, Whistler Resort has to offer.  

Trail Map Of Whistler Mountain

The trail map below shows the many slopes or ski lifts the resort offers.  These ski lifts have the biggest ski resort in North America and by far, the most impressive in the entire world.  This trail map displays the entire location, so then you know your way around the region of greatness.

(Whistler Blackcomb Resort, Oct. 26th 2014)

Whistler Mountain Trail Map

Natural Disasters

British Colombia receives many Earthquakes from water pressure moving plate tectonics, but the magnitude is approximately 4.8 (which is very low). This is because of their frozen landscape caused by permafrost.  Once the landscape is completely frozen, there's not much damage happening or shaking motion because the ground stays frigid or in other words stays in place.  Hurricanes that occur in Blackcomb Whistler, British Colombia are mostly heavy snowfall or rainfall.  Harsh freezing  climates rise, meaning more snow than rain will fall near the area, which allows Whistler to benefit from the significant snow.  This is because, the heavy snowfall will be used to cover the slopes, instead of wasting energy by using the machine that releases fake snow.  This is a huge factor on saving energy. 

(Pique, Aug. 2nd 2012)

The greatest snow base record for Whistler Mountain is 504 cm (197 inches, 16.4 feet) in 1973/74


Overall, Blackcomb Whistler Mountain is considered one of the most thrilling experiences for Canadaians and tourists .  Its a great place to spend the winter season with friends and family by enjoying all the resort has to offer.  Even though the region has it's pros and cons, in the end it's the most significant adventure and experience, you wouldn't want to miss.


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