Katelyn's October PE Project

Option #1

On Wednesday, October, 22, I particapated in Fuelupto60 Kick-Off Event 6th and 9th hour

Option #2

I have a Disc Golf Park right by my house so I biked down and  took a few pictures of me throwing a frisbee

Option #4

I live not the Mountan Bay Trail, so I biked down and took pictures by my house. The bridge underneath Hillcrest, and the bridge by the farm on Pinecrest

Option #6

I went to Akzo Nobel Park and took pictures of a softball and soccer fields and also the playground

Option #9

I played volleyball for the Bay View team and I demostrated setting, which is usually the second hit

Option #10

My brother plays Football, so I throw with him a little bit. I demonstrated throwing the football

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