Fennec Fox

By: Derik Miller

The Fennec Fox has a thick pale coat to protect it from cold desert nights. The ears of the Fennec Fox make up 20% of the fox's total body surface. These huge ears also help radiate extra body heat. The paws are covered with fur so that it does not get burned while running on the hot sand. Did you know that the Fennec Fox uses its huge ears to sense pray underground. The fennec fox comes out during the day but only hunts during the night which makes it nocturnal. Mating takes place in January or early February.  The female can give birth to 5 young at a time and after about 9 months they are sent on their way. They can live up to 14 years, in captivity. Their dens can reach up to almost 1,300 square feet. Their body length can be about 9-16 inches and can weigh between 1.5-3.5 pounds.

Fennec Fox eating a scorpion.

What a Fennec Fox does during the night.

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