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Notes-1st Article Quotes and Ideas

Quotes: "School bulling has many parents worried, and not just those who are on the receiving end"

My Ideas: This shows that bulling has gotten so bad that even parents are begining to worry.

Quotes:"A series of shocking incidents has garnered headlines and provoked outrage and soul-seeking in communities across the county."

My Ideas: this shows that teens or young kids are getting pushed to a certain point and bulling is escalating so much that its even heading for headlines.

Notes-2nd Article Quotes Ideas

Quotes:"In other words, say the Longs, Tyler committed"bullycide," a term increasingly finding its way intothe educational lexicon as a result of several teensuicides that were attributed at least in part tobullying. "

My Idea: this is proving bullying can push someone so far to commit suicide if it is not stopped

Quote:" One out of every three students between twelve and eighteen years of age claim to have been bullied."

My Idea: this shows that bullying can happen to anyone.

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