The Thief of Grimm

                             Good deeds always pay off.

I can connect with Elizabeth in this book because it is hard to be new.When she first started to work at the repository she did not know what to do.I feel this way when I start new tennis camps.It is my favorite sport but,I always feel lost and left out at first.Even though it is hard, you can learn to get used to it.After a few days I didn't feel new anymore.I think this is how Elizabeth felt during her first days at the repository.

         " The one who asks questions does not lose his way"

I like this quote because it shows how if you don't ask questions you will never understand.I connect to this quote because if i don't understand something and don't ask a question it builds up to even more things that i didn't get.

        "Life is unfair,the bad guys keep winning and good people die."

I like this quote because it perfectly describes our world.Here bad things happen and it doesn't matter who you are, disease and sickness don't just affect for bad people.People do bad things for no good reason and everyone will suffer.

                   "Sometimes a great loss is also a great gain"

I think this quote  trying to say that when bad things happen they only make us stronger.I know that when ever a get a bad grade, it only teaches me that I should try harder when I do I often get better grades.

   I really liked this book.I would suggest this it to anyone who likes adventure.I think that this it is really good because of the way the author mixes in all of the Grimm fairy tales in. I thought that the beginning was a little slow but it was worth it to get to the end. I give this book five stars!

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3 years ago

Great way of relating to the book!

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Very nice!