Hello, my name is Austin Burton

I like to spend most my time playing Xbox with my friends online. My favorite game is Call of Duty

I love my dogs. I have six. Here is my buddy Rocky sleeping on me.

This is Medusa. Mom calls her my sister cause she watches over me.

I go to Boles Junior high and these are my Air soft buddies. We go to the park and battle.

This is my mom and me at Thanksgiving. I live with her all the time and we like to do things together.

This year at Boles I played on the football team. We won almost all our games and I had fun playing with my friends.

I also played basketball this year. It was my very first time to play. My mom played here at Boles and Martin, so she wanted to see me try it.

More Facts about me:

*I like coffee
*I have 2 cats
*I want to be a cop
*My favorite food is watermelon
*My room is decorated in Xbox green
*I like going to Wisconsin
*I like watching The Walking Dead
*I like getting new shoes
*I like playing video games with my friends
*I like to go outside and explore
*I like to fish

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3 years ago

That's cool that your mom went to Boles, too!

2 years ago

do u have xbox1

2 years ago

@austinburton you drink to much coffee. like wayyyy to much