1. Find the literary definition of allusion (not what pops up on Google when you search it)

  • Allusion is an indirect reference; casual mention.

2. Describe your alluded character?

  • What do they look like?
    • Venus was the goddess of beauty, so she was always depicted as beautiful.
  • What is their power? Their purpose?
    • Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and victory.
  • What is their myth?
    • Venus was one of the most celebrated deities of the ancients. She was the goddess of beauty, the mother of love, and the queen of laughter. She is said to have sprung from the froth of the sea, near the island Cyprus, after the mutilated part of the body of Uranus had been thrown there by Saturn. Hence she obtained the name of Aphrodite, meaning froth. As soon as Venus was born, she is said to have been laid in a beautiful couch or shell, embellished with pearls, and by the assistance of Zephyrus wafted first to Cytherea, an island in the Aegean, and thence to Cyprus; where she arrived in the month of April. Here, immediately on her landing, flowers sprung beneath her feet, the Horae or Seasons awaited her arrival, and having braided her hair with fillets of gold, she was thence wafted to heaven. As she was born laughing, an emanation of pleasure beamed from her countenance, and her charms were so attractive, in the assembly of the gods, that most of them desired to obtain her in marriage. Vulcan, however, the most deformed of the celestials, became the successful competitor.
  • What symbols/rituals/festivals are associated with them?
    • Venus’s month Was April, and that was when festivals for her were held. In one story, Venus was depicted as a star, because of how bright the planet Venus is at night.

3. Who alludes to them in MAAN? What is the importance of this?

  • Claudio alludes Hero.

4. Why would Shakespeare choose to allude to your character?

  • Hero was accused of infidelity and being a ‘common whore’, so Claudio compared her to Venus, who is the goddess of love and in Roman myth, prostitution.

5. EQ: How does the stories about your character relate to the theme of Conflict and Change in MAAN?

  • One of the conflicts in MAAN was Claudio accusing Hero of infidelity after Don John tricked him into thinking Margaret was Hero while she was with Borachio. Venus had a husband, Vulcan, but she continually cheated on him with other gods.


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