The Northern Lights

The 7 Natural Wonders of the World

The Northern Lights can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere when you get close to the North magnetic pole like in extreme northern parts of Canada,Alaska,and Asia.I am glad I got chosen to do this wonder because it is just fasinating how it is just there in the sky when no one has ever touched but God.The Northern Lights are a multi-colored brilliant light show in the earths atmosphere that is caused by the collision of gas particals in the earths atmosphere.The Northern Lights occur when charged particals from the sun's solar wind interacts with Earth's magnetic field (at altitudes above 50 miles,or 80 km).During intense solar storms,The Northern Light become spetacular and can sometimes be visible as far south as Texas.In the southern latitudes,there is a similar phenomenon,called the "aurora austslis".You can see the lights at Jupiter,Saturn,Neptune,Uranus,and Mars.The color of the lights depend on the gas particles that are busy bumping around.Some inuit people believed the Northern Lights were spirts of the animals they hunted.On some occasion, the Northern Lights have been seen in New Orleans.The lights produce a stange sound for those close enough to hear, which has been described as similar to the sound of applause.The Northern Lights offer entrancing,dramatic,magical display that fascinates all who sees it-but just what causes this dazzling natural phenomenon.

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