Snapchat, Instagram

Comment ca marche ?

Instagram is a social network where you can share the picture in the square form. In Instagram there is no copyright on the pictures so you can screenshot and use the pics of everybody. There are lots of possibilities to personalize you pics: filters, luminosity, rotation ... You can identify people on your pics and when you click on it you go to the people's profile. Like on Twitter Facebook there are subscribers, followers. There is a place for comment under the pics with the the number of likes on your pic. During the creation o your account you will need an ID a password and E-mail address. You can have a biography where you can put links to website and whatever you want and you set you account to private for only your subscribers. An other functionality is "Instadirect" where ou can chose to who you will send you post. You can look the pick with the hashtag function for example you share a cat pic and if you put the hashtag cat the people who are interested In cat pic can seach the pics with the hashtag cat only. On the welcome page there are the lasts posts of you and your friends. For the rest of the option you will discover them by yourself !

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