Race, Wiggle, Try

Definitive look upon the words

Try - Liberate, Hear, Strain, Trial, Taste, Seek, Activity, Essay, Stress, Tension.

Wiggle - Jiggle, Shake, Dance, Motion, Motivate, Wag, Move, Slide, Scorn.

Race - Act, Flow, Speed, Subspecies, Travel, Go, Convgbtest, Canal, Commute.  


1st idea - A Jockey racing game in which you harness the life of a Jockey, as you venture across new lands and uncover the life of homesteading a horse, this tale is all about you and your horse, will you disown the grand life and win the final cup? or will you fail to your self pity and not feed the poor creature? this game revolves around your choice and motive, How will you go about that?

The game is based upon the Oculus platform, surfaced all on the mechanics of the Rift, as you play yourself, every action accounted for, each step, each leap and even each throttle, you control. The Core dynamics are based upon: Race to the end, Spacial Reasoning and even Construction. These mechanics are implicated into the racing and homesteading.

As of the Art style, the utmost of performance and quality of the Rift have been encompassed into the game, from galloping into the wild or harvesting plants upon the stead, all of these glorious moments have been spun by the photo-realism, that is harnessed by the Oculus Rift. From the ambient scenery to the vibrant fields, Jockeying a horse could not get more glamorous.   

2nd idea - You are frowned upon, called dirt and filth and forced to live in this world as if you are nothing..this is the sad tale of the micro-organisms, as a small settlement you musty survive the harsh and vast climates of your town, set among the baroness of human skin, how you must survive in order for your townsfolk to build and grow. How you deal with your settlement, if one day the town develops into a city, or even if the settlement is erased from man-kind, is up to you.

Dynamic wise, the entire scheme of this game is to survive and construct your livelihood for your entire colony of your race, surpassing these putrid conditions with the Oculus Rift and the platforms enthralling game play and visuals.

3rd Idea - This is 2188 and the only way for mankind to survive the nuclear misspelled sentient machines is by.....dancing! You take the role of a rash, ruthless, repelled hero and you must save this world from immediate peril, as you dance, jingle and tango your way through, your enemies show no mercy, are you ready to dance hard?

Dynamically the aim of this game is to Race to the End by dancing through the levels to your hearts full content, with the harnessed platform of the Oculus Rift, saving the world as a dance lord couldn't get any more real.

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