The Nebula does not have to go to school. It stays at home mostly all day. I have two star brothers. One is three years old. The other is two years old.


I am getting older now. I am a Protostar. My brothers have grown a lot and so have I. I like being a protostar. I think it is much better than being a Nebula.

                         Main Sequence

I am a teenager now. I feel grown though. I really like this stage because I feel grown. I am ready to be a grown up star.

Red Giant

I am fully grown now. My brothers are fully grown too. They said they don't like being a grown star.

Planetary Nebula

I am getting old now and not as bright as I used to be.

White Dwarf

I am still getting older. I am less brighter than I was in planetary nebula.

Black Dwarf

I am as old as I am going to get. I am like a old person. I have a dull light to me now.

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