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Campus History and Origins

Seattle University or commomly known as Seattle U is a Jesuit Calothic based university in the Northwestern United States in the Capitol Hill neighborhod of Seattle,Washington.SU is the largest independent university in the Nothwest US with over 7500 students enrolled as undergraduate and graduate programs.It is part of the 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. It is also the 5th best school in the West.

It was founded by Adrian Sweere in 1891 when he took over a small persih near downtown Seattle.

In 1898 it was renamed Seattle College and granted its first bacholars degree 11 years later. At first the school was both a high school and college. In 1931 it also became a nigh school for women.

In 1948 got renamed Seattle University and in 1933 it established Seattle University School of Law.

In 2009 they completed the largest capital campaign raising almost 169 million dollars.

The campus is 50 acres and have recycling and conservation programs and are a pesticide free campus.

Also 5% of their student pop. is Hispanic or Latino

Mascot was not Red Hawks until 2010

Seattle University Fight Song

Admission Requirements

SAT-(25-75th Percentile)

Critical Reading: 520-640

Math: 530-640

Writing: 520-620

ACT-(25-75th Percentile)

Composite: 23-29

English: 23-30

Math: 23-28

Tuition and Costs

Tuition and cost per semester and per year:

Year costs :

Tuition and fees:$36,465.

Books and supplies:$1,485.


Personal Expenses:$600

Room and Board:$10,545

Total:$ 49,655

Campus Life:


Quadstock is a annual music festival that almost all students go to and love to attend.

My Career

For my degree i need to get my bachelors and masters in psychology and then get my Dr. in psychiatry. I will need to take some medical school courses. The difference between psychology and psychiatry is that psychiatry allows the person to give patients medications and treatment.

Degree Plan:

I. Core Curriculum Requirements

III. Major Requirements

70 credits in psychology, including:

PSYC 240 - Physiological Psychology 5

  • PSYC 316 - Health Psychology 5
  • PSYC 404 - Psychology of Learning 5
  • PSYC 440 - Cognitive Psychology 5
  • BIOL 161 - Biology I: Molecular and Cellular Biology 4 *
  • BIOL 171 - Biology Lab I 1 *
  • MATH 110 - Functions and Algebraic Methods 5 *
  • Cover Letter

    Isabella Green

    A Helping Hand Organization

    2311 Riverbed Dr.

    May 19,2015

    Good evening Mrs.Green,

    I am interested in joining your organization to help children with psychological problems after seeing your presentation at Seattle University last week.

    I am currently in my senior year at Seattle University and I am majoring in psychiatry. I was very interested to know how much your organization helps children in need of serious help. I want to stay local and be able to work with all kinds of people but I think that helping children is more in my comfort zone since I have four sisters. I am eager to join your organization and help the innocent kids that are suffering for no reason. I feel like my skills with children and my understanding persona I think I can really help the children and bring a new happiness to the children. I have had experiences with really troubled kids while volunteering at other organizations that would make me a very good candidate for the job at your organization as a child psychiatrist. I feel like this to me is a priority some might say it is a hobby but I think it will just prepare me for when I grow as a psychiatrist and it is so important to me to be able to help people.I believe that with my social skills and my experience with children I can bring comfort and relief to these kids that are desperate for help and want to keep going in a normal life.

    I have noticed all the good that this organization has done and how much support it recives from the community and I want to become part of this Helping Hand family.It will be an honor to work with others with the same passion and with kids that have a thirst for a healthier and normal life.

    Thank you in advance for any opportunities you can give me.


    Cameron Martinez

    2315 Reign Dr.



    Letter  of  Recommendation

    To Seattle University,

    I recommend Cameron Martinez for Seattle University because she is an excellent student willing to learn and grow in college. Ms. Martinez is one of my best students in her class she is a hard worker and will do anything for her education. I have been with her for almost a year and I have seen her grow and become a smart and independent student. She rarely ever has discipline issues and will respect the professors at your school as she has for me.

    Ms. Martinez has many talents, one of them is being a very intelligent writer, she wants to go to your school to become and psychiatrist she believes that this school will help her achieve her dream. I have seen look to the future and the desire to go to college and educate herself. I once told her that knowledge is the one thing no one can take from you and that college is the one way to get that knowledge. Of course she wanted to go to college before I told her this but this encouraged her to be the best she can a make a future for herself. Her skills are, she can listen and pay attention in class, push herself to do school work, and an is intelligent thinker.

    The reason the Ms. Martinez has been a wonderful student this year because she does think about the future and she pushes herself hard because school is her number one priority right now. Her determination to go to a university astounds me, most of my students only look in the present and don’t worry about the future. This is why I recommend Cameron Martinez because she is not like other students and your school will watch Mr. Martines be a great candidate in this certain field of study. You can contact me at or at (915)-277-6993.

    Ellinore Lightheart

    English Teacher

    El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

    El Paso TX 79938




    Cameron Martinez

    79938 Reign Dr. Seattle, Washington 87456
    Phone: 799-231-6785 E-Mail: cmarti7812@gmail


    My objective is to become a child psychiatrist and help people with mental issues, and build organizations all over the U.S to help people and kids in crisis. The organization will also be a Safe Place for women, children, and teens.


    Seattle Help Center for Teens 6/25/19-9/12/21

    -In this volunteer job I got to experience working with teens children and helping them with school, personal problems and mental conditions such as anxiety and depression.

    - I was an emergency contact for teens with psychological issues and was like a guardian for them.

    - I gained experience in emergency situations and went through drills on how to help teens in extreme and dangerous situations.

    Seattle Mental Hospital 10/2/21 -Present

    - I was an intern at the mental hospital and worked with all kids of people from different ages.

    -I worked in dangerous and stressful situations and had to help patients calm down

    - I was a therapist and a social worker for people in the hospital and helped determine their conditions and treatments.


    El Dorado/Pebble Hills High School 2014-2018

    I was in an extracurricular activity that challenged me and I competed with schools all around the city. I took multiple tests even in economics. I was also in UIL impromptu speech and maintained a 4.0 GPA.

    Seattle University 2018-2022

    I studied psychology and did volunteer work near the school at help centers and also maintained an internship while attending the university. I learned how to deal with emergency situations and how to make a person open up about their problems.


    My skills all revolve around being able to connect with people and help them. I know how to make a person open up because I make a connection with them that builds trust. I can help a person find their problems and I do not force a treatment plan I make sure they can actually achieve the goal of mental health. I am very friendly and am very good around children and have a very good understanding of how they work.

    Persuasive Essay

    Seattle University

    From a young age i had realized my passion for helping people and analyzing every

    single aspect of them. I would find out things about them they didn’t even know and i was fascinated when i realized i could help them reach into the deepest parts of their mind and feelings and help them resolve any issues. I would study people intensely as if they were under a microscope and try to figure them out. I was always in people's business but it was always to help. I tried to help people through bad stages in their life and when I was 11 years old my older cousin told me I saved her life by just talking to her i decided this is what i wanted to do, I wanted to be a physiatrist. I wanted to be a different kind of superhero. Even though I knew what i wanted to be from a young age i did change my mind a couple of times. I thought for a long time that i wanted to be a novel writer because i was so wrapped up in the fictional world of books but as I matured and experienced things I realized I could do so much more then write novels.

    Firstly, I have volunteered in a couple of organizations that allowed me to gain experience with mentally ill people and I have loved it. I learned that it takes a lot of patience and mental stability to care for people that are not as mentally stable as a healthy person.Some people do not want to be helped but a good psychologist or psychiatrist never gives up on someone who truly needs help. I think that I deserve to be accepted into Seattle University because I am very interested in the psychology program and I know I can be a good addition to the school. I am a good student and I like to take on challenges and expand my mind. I have a long attention span and know how to stay focused. I maintain good grades but not for praise or because it is a requirement but because i want to and think it is a reflection of the person I am.

    Secondly,I know that I can bring so many great things such as programs where people volunteer and help fellow students and other people relieve stress and vent out for free so they can have someone to talk to. I want to start groups around the city of Seattle for people in crisis and make these places Safe Places so people who are having problems or no where to go can be safe and get treatment for any problems. I want to do this with my career and my ability to help people and I know that if I graduate from Seattle University and do all the things I want I will give Seattle University recognition for giving me the opportunity to achieve all my goals. I know universities look for good qualities in students that make their school what it is and I think I have those good qualities and can bring something to the school.I think that with my skills I will be a great student and i have skills that can advance me in my field of study.

    I have a passion for helping people and helping them get through hard times. I want to bring consolation to people,especially to kids whose minds do not function as others and who with a little bit of help can live a normal life.I think I can help so many people if given the opportunity and I think I deserve this acceptance to Seattle University because I am a hard working and dedicated student that wants to do her best in helping one person at a time.

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